Our Managing Risk One Client at a Time

We are an independent insurance agency dedicated to finding the most applicable product for each client’s situation to provide the greatest benefits available at the best possible rates. 

The three areas of risk management we specialize in are: 

  1. Health Insurance,
  2. Life Insurance
  3. Annuities.

Health Insurance

Providing financial protection from unforeseen catastrophic health events. This helps our clients avoid one of the leading causes of debt and bankruptcy in the US.

  • Health Insurance for individuals under age 65 including Qualified Health Plans (ACA), Short-Term or Temporary Medical Insurance
  • Health insurance for individuals age 65 and older
    (Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage Plans)
  • Long Term Care insurance
  • Critical Illness insurance
  • Dental Insurance and
  • Accident & Indemnity Insurance

Life Insurance

Providing financial protection for our clients from the negative effects of a family member dying too young. We also use specific life insurance contracts for protection against critical and chronic illnesses such as long term care events as well as strategic generational wealth transfers for medium to high net worth individuals.

  • Term life
  • Whole life
  • Universal life
  • Indexed universal life


We insulate our clients from the risk of living too long and outliving their savings by utilizing various forms of fixed annuities. These annuities provide safe, insured growth and accumulation as well as income distribution though highly rated insurance carriers.

  • Single-Premium Immediate (SPIA’s)
  • Multi-Year Guarantee (MYGA’s)
  • Traditional Fixed
  • Deferred Income
  • Fixed Indexed
    We specialize in using annuities to accommodate the following transactions:
    401(k), 403(b) & IRA rollovers / 1035 Tax-Free Exchanges providing
    Guaranteed Lifetime Income Riders as well as annuitization options.

Rick Hood

General Manager

Health, Life & Annuity Agent

Veterans Benefits Consultant

Rick Hood is a third generation native Texan who has helped individuals plan for retirement and long term care in San Antonio and South Texas since 1995. For over 17 years he also worked with the top professionals in the industry at TEX-X’s Retirement Services, Ltd. As General Manager of Tri-Tex Insurance Agency, LLC, & together with the attorneys, CPA’s and other professionals at The Professional Services Group, he currently assists families by preserving assets through proper healthcare acquisition,  tax reduction, retirement income planning and risk management using long term care insurance, life insurance and annuities.  Rick is proud to assist clients in achieving their long term goals through proper planning. An intricate part of retirement planning is preparing for long term care needs. The problem is best addressed by planning ahead of time. However, much of the time he is also able to provide information and assist individuals that are in crises and currently receiving long term care. Rick is a member of the National Care Planning Council and a Charter Member of the ElderCare Matters Alliance.  He works closely with accredited attorneys throughout the United States that are familiar with Elder Law, Veterans benefits and Medicaid planning.  As a Veterans Benefit Consultant, he routinely collaborates with the network of Attorneys and CPA’s  so they are sure to provide the best recommendations and quality of service for the client.  All service to veterans is always provided free of charge out of gratitude for their service to our great nation.  Whether you served your country or an industry, give Rick Hood, Tri-Tex Insurance Agency, LLC, and The Professional Services Group a chance to serve you.

Robin “Radar” Patnode

Operations Manager

Robin Patnode was born in Michigan, moved to Florida at 14, and then found her home in Texas at age 27 in 1986. After initially coming to San Antonio, Robin owned and operated a real estate agency for 12+ years. Her father was Executive VP for Merrill Lynch out of New York.  Having been raised around the financial industry, it was only a matter of time until she realized that helping clients achieve their financial goals toward retirement was where she needed to be. Therefore she began working in the insurance business in 2004 specifically in the areas of life insurance, health insurance, and annuity. During her insurance career, she worked at two prominent multi-million dollar insurance agencies in San Antonio prior to assisting with the formation of Tri-Tex Insurance Agency, LLC.

As Operations Manager for Tri-Tex Insurance Agency, LLC, Robin works closely with the Agents, Brokers, CPAs, and Attorneys at the Professional Services Group. She provides day to day communications with clients, agents and the network partners to facilitate production and assure client satisfaction is as close to perfect as possible. Robin is a caring advisor, dedicated to working with the team to build financially secure plans focused on each client’s specific needs.  After learning their personal goals, Robin always works to build long-lasting relationships with the clients and their families. Robin believes that personalized service is essential and a secure plan must reflect each clients personal situation; it must be comfortable as well as flexible.  Understanding clients and their different stages of life leading up to and beyond retirement is essential. Everyone’s economic and life situation is as unique, as is their overall plan. Reviewing plans that are already in place on an annual basis is also an integral part of the business. By conducting annual reviews, Robin works with current clients and their existing plans to help them fully understand and remember what they previously put in place.  This also helps to reveal any potential changes that may need to be considered. This ultimately helps to make each clients’ “Family Wishes” available to each surviving family member.

Preston Hood

Preston Hood serves as our IT consultant and integrated systems coordinator. He owns and operates an Information Technology Service Provider company (www.pjhoodsco.org). Preston also attends college part-time working toward his Network & Systems Administrator degree and related certifications. In his spare time, he rebuilds & refurbishes older model pick-up trucks specializing in Cummins diesel engines. Preston has the utmost respect for data privacy and ultimately helps us maintain our data security and access. His participation is crucial in the day-to-day function of our business and maintaining our regulatory compliance.

Theresa Hood

Theresa Hood graduated in 1995 with a licensed vocational nursing degree (LVN) from Baptist Health System (BMHS). For the next 18+ years (from 4/1995 to 12/2013), she worked full time as an LVN at three of Baptist’s main hospitals throughout San Antonio. 

In November 2013 her grandmother became terminally ill. Theresa left BMHS in December 2013 and took care of her grandmother until she passed away in June 2014. Since that time, Theresa has assisted our staff and clients with policyholder service as well as eldercare needs. She is our client relationship liaison for anything Long-Term Care and health-related including senior living options. Theresa still knows many professionals in the healthcare industry. She uses her knowledge, experience & expertise to assist our clients in times of physical and/or emotional needs.

The Professional Services Group:

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To ensure that our clients receive the best services possible, we have strategically aligned ourselves with three of the best full-service law firms in the state.

  “In the Multitude of Counsel There is Safety” 

Plan For Your Future

There is no one “best place” to put your retirement money because each individual and couple has unique requirements, different tolerances for risk, and need their money at different times. Likewise, there is no one place to keep your money that fits everyone for exactly the same reasons. Your unique circumstances must be taken into consideration if you seek to find the “most favorable place” for your retirement money. This is where we can be of service.